Volcano Teide- the whole world in a nutshell

Volcano Teide- the whole world in a nutshell

My trip to Teide was not from the range of these conventional. To say the truth it was totally unconventional and maybe a bit… crazy? But let’s start from the begining.

What you must know is that Teide is an active volcano in the middle of beautiful, called The Island of Eternal Spring- Tenerife, but also the highest mountain range in whole Spain (including mainland). So, as you can imagine, it’s no jokes. People I met there looked for me like those that you see in TV watching some scientists exploring Arctic or Greenland with all proffesional clothing and equipment. Yes, Teide is no jokes. And better be ready for this, as its pick is almost at 4000 meters height (3718 to be exact). Okay, but to finish this dramatic introduction… did I know all of this before going there? No. Was I prepared for this? Of course not! But did I enjoy my trip there? Oh my Goood, I just fell in love with the amazing range of landscaped that you can experience there! If only you have any occasion to go there yourself, don’t hesitate! It’s one of the best places I saw in my life!

So, how I got there you ask… Well one beautiful and lazy Sunday afternoon I got a text from my friend asking if I want to go to Teide. “Why not?!” I thought, of course I am always ready for travelling and adventure. Time was not our best friend then, because we started our car trip around 3 pm, also having trouble with highway and some adventures already on the way. I thought my friend prepared himself for this, let’s admit, demanding trip. I thought he knows the way, knows the destination; what he thought… who knows, but for sure he didn’t know the answers for my questions. But who cares, when you’re on beautiful Tenerife island, driving on the ocean coast, heading to one of the most beautiful nature miracles! So did we!

After finding some visible pathway on Google Maps without wifi (yes, I never bought Spanish number, so our only map was this downloaded before of whole Tenerife!), we were heading to this direction. If you think that the time spent in car was lost- nothing more wrong! You can already experience the extraordinary landscapes which will basically take your breath away! Like on the photo below. You think is a fog? No, driving there you’re getting so high over the sea level, that you’ll drive through the clouds! How cool is that, right?

So here is one of the variety of landscapes that you’ll experience… Beautiful, formidable but also a bit thrilling huge range of forest. Forest, that you can’t find anywhere else on the island, as it’s moslty dry and desertic. The place that you can feel like in a fairy tale but at the same time like in a hollywood thriller. In one word- exciting!


When we finally got to our “accidental” destination with the small car park and beginning of hiking path, in front of our eyes appeared anouther and such different than before view! We were literally on Mars-like and Grand Canyon- like desert! The scale of the mountains and rocks is just not to imagine. The enormous mountain massifs stretching to the horizon and the huge abyss between you and them counting hundreds or thousands of meters makes you so fragile and is basically taking your breath away. Standing on the edge of the canyon, you have the impression that you are at the top of the world, you are his master.



Being totally in love from the first glance with Teide landscapes, we left our car on the car park and started our hiking in the place called Montaña Blanca Sendero, so around 2500 meters above the sea level. You must know, that even from this point getting to the top of Teide takes you around 8- 9 hours, so it was not our aim, as it was already around 5pm. We just came there to explore a bit hiking path and Teide National Park. It’s worth to add that you can get to Teide’s very top by cable car (better reserve few months before as the schedules are always full!) or by hiking, but then from particular point you need the permission to get to the top (you can apply for it before online).

Variety of Teide landscapes is just spectacular and the fact, that they’re changing so quicly is just incredible. Here we can notice again how the landscape changes even in one view, how many types volcanic rocks and colors we can see in just one glance.


As you can see, for we didn’t have to wait long for the next radical change of environment. The next stop around the world trip through Teide paths was- Sahara! Infinite masses of desert landscape were amazing. And you can see how small were the people in comparison to this magnificent nature. The scale is enormous!


After a bit of walk got to our eyes another beautiful view- merging with the sky Atlantic ocean. After this we spoted also chasing us coming from the ocean through the land- clouds! We could see them from above. Lovely view!



As you can see the view is like Arizona mountains. After few hours we understood that we won’t get that much closer to the peak, even more that the day was coming to its end. We get out of the main path up, and took another one down to the desertic fields. We didn’t take it for so long. It was much harder to go down (ah and after up even more!) by sliding small rocks, the main path was much more comfortable, although neither easy.

Around 8 pm the sun hidden behind the Teide massif and although the sky was still blue and it was light as in the day, we found ourselves in a huge shade. Overall temperature on Teide (also depending on which height), is much much smaller than on the flat parts of the island. Even if it’s overall 20- 30 degrees, on Teide it can be around 0- 5 degrees or even snowing! During our whole hiking trip it was super cold, but after the sun hidden itself behing Teide… oh Goood, it was much colder within minutes! You need to really prepare yourselves unless you want to freeze. We were not really prepared, so the cold weather plus late time, all of this combined, we decided to head back to our car. But even freezing, we still were in great humors being in such an amazing place!


As I said before, our trip to Teide was not without adventures from the first minutes. Thanks to this, we lost our planned straight way from Santa Cruz to Teide, but went by a bit more complicated route by La Orotava and some other small cities on the north coast. Fortunately on our trip back we chose to drive the way we missed before- TF-24. Instead of beautiful forest we passed before, now we had a full vista on stunning sunset with the full view of Teide peak over the clouds! What can be more romantic? I don’t know, but still we didn’t manage to spend there a lot of time, chased by unbelivable freeze. Nevertheless, we spent some time happy to see this nature miracle with the company of some elderly people trip, all of them sipping champagne and being fully from head to toe wrapped in blankets. Amazing atmosphere, nah?


Life on Mars! The views literally out of this world! And in the background cute sunset over the clouds… Miracle!




On the way back, just from the car I managed to snap this incredible mountain which shows how huge scope of colors can have volcanic magma just in the range of few centimeters… Incredible!


I hope now volcano Teide is now on your travel bucket list! I have no words to describe it and no photos show its full beauty! You can find there such incredible range of different landscapes bringing to mind places like the Gran Canyon, Sahara dessert, Mars or some mysterious forest like from hollywood thriller. But no! It’s nothing of these! It’s just the beauty of the highest mountain of Spain- still active volcano Teide! Such a pitty that is not such widely known around the world, because it deserves it enormousely! Not comparable to anything, just increadible in its beauty and totally breathtaking! You should for sure check it out yourselves, and…

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